Teleport or Satellite Uplink Stations:

Satcom Media Broadcast Pvt. Ltd., has excellent experience in designing a comprehensive Teleport for Digital Channel Uplink, provides to its customers a cost-effective solution to meet their transmission demands. We take the project with full responsibility from design to integration & commissioning of the equipment. We are offering both Single channel and MCPC Platform to our customers. We have excellent expertise to address all your uplink needs.

We have a very strong, dedicated team for customer support who are involved in maintaining a complete network.

Including sourcing of Technical Manpower, Training and other related Technical handheld activities. Satcom Media can also take up the complete Technical operations of a channel.

We take annual maintenance contract of the network and provides both comprehensive & non-comprehensive services through our highly trained technical staff. A separate team of experts for DSNG and Teleport maintenance is available with us.

Satellite Receive Site Terminal: SMBPL is providing Receive site terminal in various configurations. The solution is available for 1.8M /3.8 M fixed antenna with a modem.